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1The law offices of Robert Anderson and Landlord Services have been assisting landlords in resolving their rental problems since 1977.  Since then we have completed well over 24,000 evictions and helped our clients attract and qualify new tenants to fill the resulting vacancies and restore their rental income.

California’s landlord-tenant laws are in many cases complex and often demanding.  One of the more common complaints we hear is that these laws are “all in favor of the tenant.”  In reality, the opposite is the truth.  Under the law it is possible to evict a tenant who has stopped paying rent in as little as 17 days from the day the notice is served to the day the sheriff evicts, although more commonly it will take more like three to four weeks.


1In order to remove an nonpaying or otherwise undesirable tenant and restore the rental unit to profitability California law provides prompt and thorough remedies, but these remedies will be prompt and thorough only to the landlord who has the knowledge and experience to comply with the law precisely.  In addition to the statutes that govern landlord-tenant relations and evictions, each of the counties’ courts have their own unique policies in applying these laws and, at times, there are even sometimes differences between different courts within the same county.  Our clients have preferred to rely on our three decades of knowledge and experience because they realize that to rely on generalized books and pamphlets or trial and error is far more costly.


At a glance, why we make you money 

bd Over 31 years experience – quickly solving tenant problems and finding new tenants
bd Over 24,000 evictions to learn on, not to mention thousands of resolutions that never get to the eviction stage; there is not much your tenant can do that we have not already seen and learned to deal with promptly
bd A strong commitment not only to hand you a vacancy, but also to help you locate and rent to a qualified, profitable tenant, restoring your income promptly
bd FREE forms & articles, over 235 of them, a $275 value, to save you time and help you avoid potential problems before they require drastic and painful action
bd We are equipped to deal with single family dwellings, condos, apartment buildings and complexes, and commercial properties, even those in most rent and eviction control cities.  We are the only service you will need.
bd Houses, Condos, Apartments & Commercial Properties - including most rent control and just cause eviction cities
bd Legal and property management specialists ready to take your call and answer your questions promptly

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bd Find Out if You Have an Eviction Case – Check here first, ask attorney for case fact analysis (FREE)
bd FREE Eviction Notices – Use one of our attorney approved legal form notices (FREE)
bd How To Start Your Case – Check off a few boxes, include the eviction notice, any written rental agreement and fax, email, phone or mail it to us for fast confirmation of eviction case in progress
bd Review Our Frequently Asked Questions – Read questions and answers that may pertain to and or solve your current tenant dilemma

Do You Want To Solve Your Tenant Problem?  Locate resources to help you find solutions, answers and advice from expert landlords, experienced attorneys and the wealth of the Internet.


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Do You Want To Learn More About the California Eviction Process?  Find our more information about the eviction process and how it relates to you and your particular situation, either now or in the future.

bd Find out how to... attract, pre-interview, screening, run tenant credit reports, qualify prospective tenants, meet with new tenants and provide all the necessary paperwork to manage tenants.
bd Find out more information... about the new tenant process and we provide valuable landlord resources for clients.


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